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The Change Starts Here

The Change Starts Here

In India, poly bags are ubiquitous in the streets: shredded, whole, filled with waste, or flying into a gust of wind. They not only sully the look of our beautiful nation, but, as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, they also create havoc for Mother Ganga and cows in particular.

While it is easy to talk about ridding ourselves of these plastic nuisances, the task in itself isn’t an easy one.  Every day, most of us are presented with the bags by shopkeepers. They are convenient, so we take them without a second thought. And then…. You know what comes next. The bags, when we throw them, don’t simply dissappear. They never will, as none are fully bio-degradable.

So beginning today, let’s take the vow to bring with us cloth bags when we do our marketing.  Not only are they more attractive and sturdy, but they last a very long time.  And they will protect our beloved environment and cows. How simple.

Tell your shopkeepers next time they try to place your parcels into a poly bag to start carrying cloth bags such as the one below. This, too, will make a very big difference. Especially if each of us tells ten friends to do the same.

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