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My Tree: The Mid-Day Fruit Programme

My Tree: The Mid-Day Fruit Programme

Imagine a childhood without the simple, health-giving benefits of fruit. Unfortunately, far too many children living in the Himalayas go without, simply because their families cannot afford it. As a result, children become more at risk for contracting digestive problems, diseases such as scurvy, and even certain cancers.

The Mid-Day Fruit Program will enable schools to present each child with his or her own fruit-bearing tree. As the tree is nurtured by the students on school grounds, they will learn valuable lessons about the wonders of nature. Later, they will experience the joys of harvesting their own fruits, which they can enjoy fresh from the tree. In addition, their mothers will be empowered to add to their household incomes through the creation of Women’s Empowerment Cooperatives, which will enable them to produce, package and market wonderful products made from the uneaten fruits of their children’s trees.


Help children grow their own trees, so that they can reap the benefits of healthier diets and happier lives. 


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