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Green Progress of the Gomti Action Parivar

Green Progress of the Gomti Action Parivar

Pujya Swamiji founded and inspired the Gomti Action Parivar in August 2014, during His recent visit to Lucknow. The growing Gomti family was glad to celebrate their first anniversary with His blessings.

During the course of one year, the Gomti Action Parivar has held several awareness campaigns to engage the citizens and students along the banks of the River Gomti to take ownership of these efforts. They have also met with several experts and engaged scientists from the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), based in Lucknow, to plan the course of action for restoring the river bed. They are also simultaneously catalyzing government officials, with Pujya Swamiji’s continuous blessings and guidance, to act on these plans in a phased and timely manner.

Within months and with continuous efforts, a major section of the river in the most populated and polluted section of the tributary, has been filled with some 80 JCBS to dredge the river of accumulated silt,restoring the depth and thereby the flow in the river. Along this stretch, Green Corridors would be established, protecting the river from pollution and preventing soil erosion.

Pujya Swamiji assessed the progress of these efforts and commended the dedicated leadership of Shri JS Mishraji, President of the Gomti Action Parivar, IAS (Retd) and Former District Magistrate of Lucknow,Muzzafarnagar and other key cities in Uttar Pradesh, for the tremendous developments and actions taken.

Also, Pujya Swamiji met with the rest of the Gomti Action Parivar (GoAP) at a meeting held in the National Botanical Research Institute(NBRI) to commemorate the one year anniversary of GoAP and discuss plans to move forward to make the banks of the River Gomti a model for others.

During the highly fruitful and inspiring meeting, a beautiful tree planting took place on the campus of NBRI, right next to the tree that HE Respected Dr. Abdul Kalamji, Former President of India, had planted many years ago in the same campus. Members of GoAP were energized and recharged by Pujya Swamiji’s visit and eager to bring their collective mission of a clean and green Gomti to fruition.