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Event: Livelihoods Plan and Jagdish Store

Livelihoods Plan and Jagdish Store

A fruitful meeting took place at the Jagdish Store Showrooms in Delhi with prominent experts of textile industries and corporate representatives to plan a livelihoods program for the women who lost their husbands in last year’s floods in Uttarakhand. These women where housewives whose husbands would go on the popular Char Dham-Kedarnath yatra for 6 months and earning the living to run their family while the women looked after their land and farms. Last year when their husbands went to work they never returned leaving them not only widowed but with no means to sustain their lives.

With Pujya Swamiji’s vision and leadership, Project Hope, Divine Shakti Foundation, GIWA and GAP are working to provide effective means of vocational and skills training and resources to those affected by the floods, so that the flame of hope and healing can be lit in their hearts once again. Jagdish Store’s Founder and President Shri Jagdish Khandelwal, one of India’s largest furniture and wedding franchises, had been inspired by Pujya Swamiji’s initiative that he had pledged to organize a detailed meeting with key stakeholders to bring together expertise and resources to provide long term and sustainable livelihoods to those women and widows who still bear the brunt of recent tragedy.


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