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Building Futures for Youth

Building Futures for Youth

The flash floods, cloudbursts and landslides in Uttarakhand left thousands of families in districts of Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi, Chamoli and other neighboring areas without precious loved-ones, homes, property and schools. Schools have been the focal point of all communities, bringing children, youth and their families together not only for information but also for inspiration.

Project Hope, with the contributions of our generous donors, aims to work alongside local communities in restoring hope by inspiring the green rebuilding of their broken, damaged, or in some cases completely washed-away institutions of learning.

Sustainable and Healthy

Project Hope will guide partnering organizations to construct schools that will be completely furnished with green technologies, based on the 6-S Programme. Such as:

• Water filters

• Bio-toilets

• Renewable energy sources, such as solar power

In so doing, Hope Schools will be developed as places of not only education but innovation, creating and molding future Green Ambassadors who are conscious of the importance of reducing their carbon and water footprints, treading lighter on this planet and preserving their Himalayan land and culture, while contributing positively to restore and preserve Mother Earth, Mother Ganga and Mother Nature.

Safe Structures to Protect Future Generations

Project Hope will serve to guide in rebuilding and reconstruction that is in line with the norms of INEE (Inter-Agency Network for Education in emergency) and India’s national safety standards. In so doing,  Project Hope brings together an expert team of engineers, architects and planners, many of whom have been involved in emergency shelter and schools rehabilitation work in past emergencies.

Schools and Institutions that Will Be Constructed or Rebuilt According to the 6-S

Programme Include

• Girl’s Orphanage and School, Veerpur

• Three schools in Uttarakashi

• Veerpur and Guptkashi Training Centres

• Gurukul for the Education of Priests in Rudrapryag

• Gurukul for the Education of Priests in Devprayag

• Kunao Training Centre

• Ajitpur Training Centre

• Rural School Project, Gumaniwala