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My Tree

child with apple-SMTree planting is a fun and interactive way for children to connect directly with Nature.  Through our My Tree/Mid-Day Fruit Programme, school children will learn steps for building healthy fertile soil as well as techniques for planting and caring for a wide range of fruit and nut bearing trees.

Many of the trees selected will be fast to bear fruits and nuts, to ensure that each child will have the full experience of planting naming, nurturing and harvesting from their tree.  Children will watch as their tree blossoms and bears fruit, as a result of their labor and love.

Planting a tree is a literal symbol of how action in the present can effect change for the future. After having had their experience with their fruit trees, the children, their families and the entire community will know with certainty, their actions now can lead to a brighter, healthier tomorrow for generations to come. Once this consciousness is awakened, they will be able to make decisions and take actions to meet the immediate needs and as well as the future needs of society.

As the process of planting fruit trees continues, any surplus of fruit that cannot be immediately consumed by the community can be used to promote local business. A number of products can be produced such as dries fruit, jams, jellies and juices that will provide a welcome revenue source to the community.  This aspect of the project will be carried out by the creation of Women’s Empowerment Cooperatives and funds earned will go back directly to the communities, empowering them to earn and have extra money for their household needs. Furthermore, the dried and preserved fruit can be used to enrich the diet of the community year round.   

Through the My Tree Programme, children will similarly be shown that they can effect change for the better for both themselves and their community. Once students are empowered in this way, it opens countless opportunities of how they can learn to contribute to the over-all health and wealth of their villages.

Join us today!  Sponsor a fruit tree, which will be planted by a deserving child.  Email