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Children planting in Kunau

Children planting in Kunau

Trees are crucial to life, providing shade, oxygen and fruit. Their roots prevent erosion of soil, while also helping to prevent landslides. Their leaves release 90% of their water into the air, adding crucial levels of humidity to the environment. Yet, to meet the needs of rapidly expanding populations, far too many have been cut down, robbing the Ganga River Basin of its key benefactor.

What GAP is Doing

  • Planting and maintaining thousands of trees and other plants as a direct response to help rejuvenate the environment, mitigate erosion, arrest deforestation and global warming, and create a virtual “oxygen bank” to improve and restore the air quality
  • The My Tree Programme, in which school students are planting and caring for their own fruit trees
  • All trees being planted are those which will not only provide shade for all, but will also help uplift local communities by providing valuable fruit, medicines and financial viability.

Visit the My Tree page for more information!