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A Timeless Heritage

A Timeless Heritage: Ganga is India's largest and most sacred river, playing an intimate and important role in the natural, historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the nation, representing its very identity.

If Ganga Lives, India Lives. If Ganga Dies, India Dies.

If Ganga Lives, India Lives. If Ganga Dies, India Dies: With threats to her free-flowing and pristine nature by excessive liquid and solid waste pollution in her waters, obstructions blocking her flow and large stretches of her riverbeds being dried up, Ganga struggles to survive.

Environmental Preservation for World Peace

Environmental Preservation for World Peace: Top leaders from all over the world joined together for the common purpose of Environmental Protection for World Peace, pledging their crucial role as guardians of change and sustainability.

Project Hope

Project Hope

Join us in our crucial mission to provide relief and green rehabilitation to the survivors of the recent flash floods in Uttarakhand. Please visit to learn.

National Ganga Rights Act

National Ganga Rights Act

Ganga’s Right Are Our Rights!  Lend your voice to the cause to establish Ganga – and those who are dependent on Her – the rights to exist, thrive!  Sign the petition now!

6T’s Program

6T’s Program

Toilets, Trash, Trees, Taps, Tracks & Tigers:  Ganga Action Parivar’s 6T’s Program provides a foundation for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable Ganga and environment.



World Water Day 2015

Uplift, Unify the Shift Network and Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA)...

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